My Knitted Designs

This is a collection of the knitwear I have finished and photographed, and it is by no means complete.

These four are my own designs, but only Joan Crawford is multi-sized, thanks to Susan Crawford. I'm in the process of making it available to purchase again.

                                                              Norma Shearer
                                                 photographs by Michael Demetriou

                                                               Bebe Daniels
                                                photographs by Michael Demetriou
                                                              Joan Fontaine
                                                photographs by Michael Demetriou

                                                 photographs by Alastair McAskill
                                                              Joan Crawford 


  1. I love the Bebe Daniels especially! Will you ever make that available for sale do you think?

  2. magnifique la veste orange joan crwford


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