Free Vintage Patterns

Sports Pullover with Socks to Match
Stitchcraft July 1941

Rainbow Jumper by Lavenda (c.1930s)


Jumper in Munrospun (c.1930s)


Two Home Chat Jumpers
October 1937

1. The Cover Jumper

2. The Daisy Design


Home Chat January 1935


Girl's Jersey with Fair Isle borders

Polka-Dot Sweater and cozy mitts
from Woman's Day Knitting

Cozy Mittens

Jumper in Thick Wool
 and Jumper with a Turreted Collar

Lavenda Hand Knit 501

Cable-And-Tuft pattern Jumper


  1. Love all these vintage patterns, thank you so much for taking the time & trouble to source & share these.

  2. I'm making my second attempt at this pattern. The first 4ply I used was too thick and made the jumper too wide.


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