Saturday 3 January 2015

The Hall of Shame - The Neglected Knits

Happy New Year.

At this time of the year I'm sure I am not alone in making lots of New Year's resolutions. At the top of my list is to FINISH my projects. It is going to be quite a feat of patience and willpower, but I pledge to try.

These little babies have been sorely neglected. I started the turquoise one a couple of years ago; it is The Prettiest Collar from Stitch in Time Vol 1.

Using Drops Alpaca, I knitted the first size. It has since been sized up and down, giving five sizes now in the new version of the book. Mine will be OK, about a 36-37 inch bust, if I don't press/block it too wide. I'm on the last sleeve, but something came along and caught my attention, and that was it. Stuffed in a bag, into the box next to the sofa.

At the top, Golden Eagle 'Lady's Jumper', from Vol 2. I did the second size, as I had worn the sample from the book and it fitted beautifully, but being lazy I didn't bother to do a tension swatch, and it has turned out too big - about three inches too big. And too long. I actually didn't want the fit of the original, I think it is too tight, I much prefer the fit of the sample knit. Darn! I also really wanted a navy jumper in my wardrobe as I have quite a few navy skirts and trousers to wear with it.

Photo courtesy of Susan Crawford

I have only sewn up the shoulder seams, but if I want to reduce the size there is nothing I can do except re-knit the body. (I might sew up the side seams and try it on again. I won't press it). 

Next, Panelled Effect Lady's Jumper from Vol 1, in the first size. I've taken ages with this one, as I had so many other things on the go at the same time, but it is growing slowly. The pattern has no 'rest' rows, i.e, no purl rows, they are all in pattern. I kept making mistakes, and had to rip back countless times. I couldn't be happier with the result so far, though. I'm using Fenella wool (a true, 3 ply weight) in Atomic Red, which is giving me the exact tension. I can tell from just the front that it is going to fit beautifully.

Another almost complete jumper from Vol 2 of A Stitch in Time - Quick Work in Thick Wool. I went for the same colour as the sample, but not the yarn. I chose Drops again - Nepal. The only thing missing is buttons. I just can't find the right ones. 

Lastly, a turban I started in January last year, which I've put down and picked up many times. It WILL be finished by the end of January this year!

This isn't everything. I haven't included the jacket that I can't get to (Xmas tree is blocking it), in my wool cupboard: Box Coat, from Vol 2. For that, I have some Lopi wool in tweedy brown that I had bought for absolutely no reason that I can remember, about ten years ago!

I also haven't included my new designs which I am still tweeking - one jumper, three hats and three brooches. I am going to release them all at some stage on Etsy, if I can work out this new EU tax mess!

How many UFOs have you got lurking?

What are your New Year's resolutions?



  1. So far I only have 1 ufo (the red knitted dress) but then I've only been knitting for 1 year! I have this very strict rule with both sewing and knitting: one project at a time. I just can't allow myself to start something new before finishing the current project because I know I will never finish it if I do. Of course I do occasionally break that rule (and usually regret it, lol).

  2. I hope that you manage to get these finished as they are going to be stunning. I really like the Golden Eagle Ladies Jumper, that is on my to knit list. I have a few UFOs which need tackling and many of them don't need that much doing, I just got stuck, or didn't have the right buttons or fell a bit out of love. They include a 1950's shortie jacket, a 1950's cardi and dungarees for my niece, a 1960's bag and a 1950's hat. Really better make them a January priority!

  3. I have two UFOs lurking, but they're both quite large.

    I'd rip back and re-knit the too-large jumper. I did that with my 'Jersey with a Soft Bow' from ASIT. (Bad choice of substitute yarn on my part.) Otherwise it always, always niggles.


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