Thursday 22 May 2014

Free pattern Friday

Not an original idea, but a great one. Lots of lovely bloggers, including Wendy at The Vintage Pattern Files, post free knitting and sewing patterns. They are usually posted on a Friday, so who am I to argue? Here's my first free pattern for you:



This was one of the first successful vintage jumpers I completed, back in 2004 (10 years ago already). I was seriously pleased with it. I didn't know much about tension then, and don't even think I tested it. The yarn I used was from The Handweavers Studio when it was still near me in Walthamstow. A soft merino, it came on little cones. The pattern called for a 2 ply - I still don't know the exact weight of the yarn. It came out very well, except it was far too short. I ended up having to pick up along the hem and adding some more ribbing.

This is something I am aware of now - my long torso, and measuring the length before I start the armhole shaping. I think most knitters have to add length to vintage jumpers now - we're taller, and broader. You just have to look at the models in patterns from the 30s, and they were slight - narrow shoulders, small busts, slender hips, like this lady:  

I love that pose, and her regal face. The column is pretty awesome too.
I modified the jumper, using the yoke of this pattern:

I liked the effect so much, I knitted one in red.

This time I added extra pattern repeats, giving a slightly more relaxed fit. I used Misti Alpaca lace.

Here is another pic of me wearing it in a more 50s beatnik style with my Shellac Sisters, at a gig we did in South London somewhere.

So that's my first free pattern, but not the last. I hope you like it.


  1. I've got that Lavenda pattern that you took the yoke from! It's my most recent finished project. It's a lovely design.

  2. Its Gorgeous! I will link your pattern up to the VPF in the next couple of days thank you for sharing it!

    1. Thanks Wendy, the pattern really is so tattered, I hope it is readable.

  3. The extra bit of cream ribbing is lovely. Looks like you planned it all along.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  4. Ah, I remember the Handweavers Studio, and I remember that gig too, but can't remember the name of the pub. Wasn't John Cooper Clarke hanging around the place that night too?

    You are making me want to pick up my needles again Theo, I can feel it happening soon... Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers...

  5. I love that knitting and crochet have such rich histories and traditions. It's like being part of a long lineage of crafters and makers.


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