Wednesday 31 December 2014

The Hall of Shame - The Great UFOs of 2014, (and earlier)

This post has been a long time coming. (I have borrowed the title from Pin Up Crafts, via Wendy at Butterfly Balcony)

The purpose of this is to shame myself into finishing the projects shown here, and also to try to stop starting new ones. We'll see how that goes shall we?

 (Please excuse this shocking shot, it was so cold, and my two and a half year old was having a meltdown in the garden)

Firstly the crochet. Two blankets, the one on the right, (and below) was one of the first things I crocheted, so it had to be a nice and simple granny stripe. It's still not quite long enough to cover my legs - but nearly. Shame about the garish colours. I remember buying the 'wool' (all cheap acrylic), and getting a bit carried away. I think I spent under thirty pounds and came away with a black bag full. (Yes, they had to give me a black bag). I have since added to it. (Sigh. I don't know whether it is a compulsion or a full-on addiction).  

The wavy/ripple/chevron blanket (top pic, on left) was inspired by Coco Rose Diaries, whose wonderful blanket in more muted shades than mine was photographed so beautifully - I was hooked. (Sorry about the pun). It is lovely and dense, super cosy and again almost long enough to snuggle under.

There is a third blanket, lurking at the bottom there. (And below).

Another couldn't-help-myself, butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling until it was started. I think that is why I start so many things. The thrill of the new, the shiny.

I had had this as a pin on Pinterest for ages, and found it on Sandra Paul's great crochet blog Cherry Heart - her Clamshell blanket tutorial. I started it before I went on holiday in August, along with a cushion cover in a great stitch pattern, which is also in the Hall of Shame.

The granny squares I started two years ago are still hanging about like a bad smell on the stairs, but instead of doing something with them, I decided to start some hexagons. For a blanket maybe?!!!

They are now destined to be a bag, if I can work out how to put it together, and then find the will to line it.

The last offender is a hat and belt set, and actually the hat is finished so shouldn't technically be included, but I hate it. It looks like a bucket on my head, but I cannot rip it out, literally, as it is finished with a round of metallic wire. Not millinery wire, of no, that would have been too easy. This was thick jewellery wire. Ouch, my hands.

I started the belt as I had a lovely vintage mother of pearl belt buckle that would look perfect with it. The yarn I found in the States, Sugar n' Cream, an aran weight cotton, in what I think is a very 30s colour, a green and cream mix. Maybe I should give the hat another chance, I do love that shade.

Lastly, the cushion I have been working on from Inside Crochet magazine for months.

It is supposed to be about double this size, but I'll be lucky to do another two or three rounds. I'll then try to find a round cushion to fit it, fail, and end up stuffing it with Fiber Fill, or whatever that fluff is called.

That brings me to the end of the crochet.

Must try harder.

Next time - the Neglected Knits.



  1. Oh, but this is nothing to be ashamed of! My own UFOs are cowering like a great bear in the back of a wardrobe. I tend to come back to an item years later when my knitting mojo strikes again.

  2. I think it is fine to have a few unfinished bits and bobs lounging about, that way you will always have something to do!! I like the look of the blankets, they are the soul reason I want to learn to crochet!

  3. Ah, the curse of the WIPs! That's not such a horrendous pile... though if you added all the yarn bought to complete everything, it would probably make quite a stack. I'm still trying to beaver through my own stash. Good luck with completing everything.

  4. Oh that has reminded me that I have a nearly finished crocheted jumper (and when I say nearly I have about 8 rows of shell stitch left to go one one sleeve) and it has been sitting in a bag/drawer/basket etc for about six years, since I first got stuck on crocheting. Stupidly I did it all in full acrylic wool, because it was cheap, and then i discovered knitting and that i hate acrylic wool...and have consequently made no progress since. If you come up with a fail-safe way of finding motivation for the wool skeletons, do share!

    By the way, the blankets look brilliant - surely there's no need for them to be long enough to cover your legs ;-)


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