Friday 19 December 2014

Free Pattern Friday - 1940s 'Oddments' Necklace

I thought I would save this pattern for Christmas, even though it is not terribly festive. It's a crocheted necklace, a quick and simple design, ideal for a beginner.

This necklace was inspired by a pattern originally published in a wartime Woman’s Weekly magazine. I actually saw it as a reprint in A Vintage View, Issue 4 (from 1940 - 1950). Only a snippet of the pattern was shown, so I filled in the gaps. I love the way even tiny amounts of wool were used up in the war against waste.

I have written up my revised pattern, which is available as a free PDF download here.

The original pattern suggests working three chains in four 'vivid' colours, so you end up with 12 chains.

I did a few versions in different weight yarns - one in d.k acrylic, one in 4 ply cotton, and one in 3 ply wool.  

The 3 ply wool one I did to match my Such A Debonair Little Jumper. I used the yarn from that (alpaca), some vintage aqua 3 ply, some 3 ply in a darker pink, and a dark brown from the Handweavers Studio. I worked three chains in each colour.

The two above are both made in d.k. acrylic, (excuse the phone pics). I used only 3 colours, as it turned out chunky enough for me. I would make them slightly longer next time.

Above is a nautical one, in 4 ply cotton, (sorry, it is a bit blurry, but you get the idea), with my Beret for Everyday. I would work more chains for this one if I did it again, but I quite like that it is delicate.

You can get this necklace pattern for free here.

I hope you have fun making it.


  1. Ah, what a nice idea, thank you for sharing, I think I can throw together a few last minute Christmas gifts now.

    Greetings from Germany
    Ingrid (Couturette)

    1. Hi Ingrid, thank you, Im glad you like it, good luck with those last minute gifts.

  2. Oh my goodness, that Woman's Weekly series was so annoying the way it cropped the bottom of it's patterns! Thanks for correcting that for us.

  3. This looks so effective for something so simple. Thanks for sharing the pattern.


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