Thursday 11 September 2014

Summer is over

Summer seems to be at an end now, at least that's how it feels to me as my little boy starts school this week. It is the beginning of a brand new chapter in his life. And in my life, too.

This was him on his last day at nursery. Yesterday we had a settling in day at the new school, and when I say 'new', I mean it. A brand new, shiny building for Reception, Years 1 and 2. He was very nervous, and didn't want to go in, but once he saw the dinosaurs he was away. His teacher is awesome, but I do worry that it will be hard for him. He is a sensitive soul, and had a hard time settling into nursery. The bigger children in the playground frightened him. It's only now that I am writing this that I feel sad, I know it will change him, crush his spirit. I just hope it doesn't destroy his already shaky confidence.

We were very lucky to have had two holidays this summer, after years of none at all. I didn't mind in the slightest, I love being in London during the summer. It feels so empty, well, relatively.

My diet plans while in America didn't quite pan out, surprisingly.

If you haven't heard of Cracker Barrel, you just need to know it serves fried steaks for breakfast.

Great days at the beach, and two great nights out on our own.

We had dinner in a cinema, (yes, dinner, not just some crappy popcorn, or a pretentious piece of cake and a glass of too expensive wine) - nachos and burgers with a pitcher of Sam Adams - it was awesome! We saw Guardians of the Galaxy, which was also awesome. We also managed to do some thrift shop rummaging before the film, where I picked up some great bargains.

The other night we went to a Mexican restaurant and had a drink afterwards on the roof terrace of another place, which had this view.

It was the perfect time to get out my crochet.

We had a late break up in Lancashire at the beginning of September, making the most of the late start at school. We stayed on a farm, with a very good friend who I hadn't seen in more than two years.

But more of this woolly adventure later...

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  1. I hope your son is happy at school. It must be nerve-wracking for parents as well as children. And I very much look forward to seeing what you and Susan got up to!


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