Sunday 3 August 2014

Panelled Effect Ladies Jumper

I talked about some special knitting in my last post, and here it is, in Fenella. The shade I chose after much debate is Atomic Red, a soft coral red, which I think will really suit my skin tone. I've not seen a shade like this in any yarn around at the moment, and I know a lot of research went into sourcing vintage shades for Fenella. I literally love them all, from the really dark brown of Myristica (which I've got my eye on for a skirt), to the palest pink of Constance Spry. I'm so glad there is a deep navy too, it's such a great alternative to black, which I vowed when I first started knitting vintage never to use. I have never knitted a jumper in it, but have done a few hats.

This shot was taken in natural light without flash, and the colour match is pretty close.

This one I took with the flash. The colour match here is slightly closer to the original. My pics still need a LOT of work, but getting the colours true is a start. Something I hadn't realised before is how different the colour of wool can look in different lights, and at different times of the day.

This is Panelled Effect Ladies Jumper from A Stitch In Time. It is the first time I am knitting in 3 ply for myself, and I am very excited about how it will turn out. One of the yarns I am using for Starring Stripes is a 3 ply, but amongst the four other yarns, all of which are 4 ply, it doesn't really count. I also knitted a baby jumper in Patons 3 ply for my son when he was a baby, in off white, which was cute.

It is shaping up really well. I am about six inches in. I'm working the first size, as in the book, which fitted beautifully, with a bit to spare. I was a lot slimmer then, though, so I am a bit concerned that it will be on the snug side. But, when I look at the picture of the original, it is a close-fitting jumper. Hoorah.

My plan is to lose weight between now and finishing it, which will be perfect. I've been 'planning' to lose this weight since the Spring, (actually since June 2012, after I had my daughter, but very half-heartedly). Except I'm going to the land of burgers, donuts and awesome ice cream for over a week. How exactly am I going to do it? I would rather sit and knit than go to the gym. Hey ho.

I'm hoping to get lots of it done, on the beach. I don't sunbathe, even though I don't really burn, being half Greek, but I'm not at all keen on the searing hot sun on my skin. That would be the other half: Irish.

I might try to blog while I'm away, my brother has loaned me a couple of lenses for the camera, although that doesn't mean my photography will improve!


  1. That's going to look *excellent*. It'll be interesting to see how the red contrasts with the blue you're modelling in the book.

    I love navy. Since growing back my original hair colour I've been too pale for black and dark brown can make me look unwell, whereas navy does the job nicely! It's just best to steer clear of anything too plain as that can look rather 'school uniform.'

  2. It is looking lovely already. Enjoy your holiday!


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