Thursday 2 July 2015

Summer, cotton and crochet

Ah, summer is here. I hope you're all enjoying it, because I'm suffering rather. Filthy weather. 37C? In London, that is not nice. On a beach somewhere, or lounging by a pool, but not in a humid city.

It makes knitting a little warm to say the least. So I just had to get out the cotton and get cracking on a warm weather top. It is inspired by the Bold Batwing Dress by Ruby McGrath of Frank&Olive Crochet, from the current issue (67), of Inside Crochet. I haven't bought Inside Crochet for months, as none of the projects grabbed me. I always look forward to it coming out every month, and make it a rule that at least two projects must interest me to justify buying it.

Image by Inside Crochet

This will be a combination of the Batwing Dress and another top Ruby McGrath's designs featured in issue 58 of Inside Crochet, The Rebekka Jumper.

Image by Inside Crochet

I had several balls of Sugar 'n Cream cotton from last summer when I was in the States. The colours were just mouthwatering, and I had bought them initially thinking I would make another blanket, or cushion cover. I'm so glad I didn't as this might actually get finished! It is an aran weight, so I'm using a 4.5mm hook. I'm not making it quite so oversized as this or the dress. The pattern is only given in one size, to be worn with varying degrees of positive ease. It is a very simple pattern, and therefore incredibly easy to size up or down. I've adapted mine for a 44 inch bust size, and it will be about 25 -28 inches long, depending on how much it drops, because of the weight of the cotton.

I'm also still working away on the cover jumper from the 1941 Stitchcraft magazine.

I've almost finished the back, and it's looking good.

I have lots of things happening at the moment, none of which I can reveal much about as they are in the early stages, but they are incredibly exciting, and are to do with knitting and vintage music. What else is there?



  1. Excited to hear about your latest project :-) Those jumpers are very 80's. I remember knitting tops like that in pastel cotton in about 1981!! I was very, very young! x

  2. I've been eying this Stitchcraft jumper for a long time... I'm so pleased to see you are making it. It looks great so far. Can't wait to see you in the finished item.


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