Thursday 11 June 2015

E17 Art Trail fun

The E17 Art Trail is still on, but my little stint is over. For 'A Life of Skein', my friend Helen opened up her garden for two days of woolly goodness. Helen has only been dyeing for just over six months, and in that short space of time she has built a very solid base and already sells at shops and designers fairs. As you can probably tell from the photos, she LOVES colour.

She displayed all her yarns, in skeins and cakes.

I displayed my beret patterns, and actually sold some! The box here has the chunky weight yarn I used for the cowl below.

There were spinning demonstrations.

I used a gorgeous cake stand to show my knitted brooches. (This reminds me, I need to get one).

The table in all it's glory.

I cast on a cowl on Friday in a chunky wool, and it was finished and sewn up by Sunday.

I'm wearing my nautical version of A Draped Beret, in white cotton. Helen is wearing the Moss Stitch Beret, which uses her Blue-faced Leicester.

Spinning in the sunshine.

We knitted, chatted, and laughed a lot. We indulged in cakes made by friends, and made new friends. There are now further knitting collaborations on the horizon, which is incredibly exciting!

I was so chuffed at selling some patterns, I had to take a picture of this lovely lady!

Back to the knitting now. I am making knitted brooches to sell on Etsy.

This is a new design, 'Bows & Bells'. Like another design, the Envelope Clutch, this was made for a friend's birthday. I had the foresight to write the pattern down as I did it, and to take photos of it before I gave it away.

I have been spurred on immensely by Helen, whose focus and sheer hard work has made me realize how much you can achieve if you just put your mind to it. And get off your butt.

I'm going back to sit on my butt and knit furiously.


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  1. This looks like so much fun. Congrats on selling your patterns, they are just lovely. Your knitted brooches are just darling. I must make some. Maybe after I finish all the other 'must knits' in my life. It is never ending, and I love it.

    She Knits in Pearls


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