Friday 30 January 2015

Free Pattern Friday - Polka-Dot Sweater and a pair of cozy mitts

I received some lovely pattern books for Christmas from my in-laws, so in the same spirit of giving I thought I would share a couple of the patterns with you.

It is from 'Woman's Day Knitting Annual', an American publication from 1948. It is the cover sweater. I chose it chiefly because of that, as it is a large image, and it is in colour. The images for the rest of the garments are all tiny and in black and white. I don't usually post patterns that are this 'new', preferring the older ones, but it is so pretty, I had to. It is offered in three sizes, although the largest is still only a 36 inch bust! It can be easily be upsized if you use a 4 ply or even d.k. yarn and larger needles.

I couldn't resist throwing in a pair of mitts too, considering the time of year. They are knit in 'worsted' weight wool. I thought it meant a d.k. weight, but not going by the tension - 4 sts to the inch. I was slightly baffled, until I read the pattern properly. 'Use double strand throughout'. So it will work with an aran weight yarn.

I love cables, but haven't made much using them. I've done a 1940s jacket, (which I have no pics of), and a Copleys jumper from 1940.


I also have a pair of mitts, which I made last winter, from Sarah Dallas's 'Vintage Knits'. 

I added a few lazy daisies with some vintage embroidery wools I found in a charity shop. I love the colour combination - grey with dark and light coral. Yummy. And they're warm.

The next cable project I want to tackle is Tri-Cable Stitch Jumper. I just need to pick a yarn from the ever growing collection. I've already broken one of my resolutions - I ordered more wool! It was sale wool though, so not too naughty. I'll show it off when it arrives. It is coming from the States with my in-laws at half term. I think I want to use Excelana for it, I have some Sweet Chestnut, but I also want to use that shade for my skirt pattern. Decisions, decisions.

Here are those patterns:

And the mittens:



  1. Your knitting annual is a great present, bet it is packed with wonderful stuff. Thanks for the patterns. I like your embroidered mitts - so pretty! The pattern looks the same as one that I have been knitting.

  2. That sweater is gorgeous, I have a real weakness for red white and blue colourways so I might have to add this to my knit list! Thank you for sharing I shall link it up ASAP! :-)

  3. I completely love your blog! My knitting projects are all sorted for the coming months now I've discovered your site!

    1. Excellent news. I look forward to seeing their progress. What's your fave?

    2. Excellent news. I look forward to seeing their progress. What's your fave?


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