Thursday 23 October 2014

Free Pattern Friday - more Home Chat

I picked up a few more Home Chat mags recently, so thought I would share one of the patterns with you.

This one is from January 1935. It looks at first glance like a cardigan, but it is actually a jumper.

It's such a sweet magazine, with lots of tips and advertisements for products that don't exist anymore. And some articles that are still depressingly relevant today (weight loss products, for example). I will have to do a post on all these other things in the magazine soon, they're just too interesting to miss out.

You also get "A Pouffe Made in Crochet"!

Hope you like it.



  1. I'm always entertained by the old ads for California Syrup of Figs and their ilk - every time I see an Activia ad, I think of how far we *haven't* come!

  2. A pouffe made in crochet - an ideal husband! ;)

  3. Gorgeous jumper, thanks for sharing.


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