Monday 16 June 2014

What's on my Needles Pt 2 and a New Crochet Course

Just sewing up my Starring Stripes now, then I will pick up around the neckline and do the last of the ribbing to finish off. I ran out of the main colour, green, but picked it up at Loop on Saturday after work. I got there just 5 mins before they closed, which was probably fortuitous, as they were having a 10% off sale, so I didn't get the chance to be weak in a wool shop.

I just hope it fits, it measures between 17.5 and 18ins unstretched, so if I just steam it very lightly it should be OK.

Matching the stripes isn't too tricky, I'm using mattress stitch, which is what I use for side seams too. I just can't seem to get on with back stitch, it seems bulky and I like sewing on the right side of the work, so I can make sure I'm not messing up.

I will post more pics when it's finished. Hopefully not crappy ones taken with my phone. I do like my new tablecloth though, an oilcloth from good old Walthamstow Market.

In other news, I signed up to a five week crochet course with Claire Montgomerie, a knit and crochet designer, and editor of the best craft magazine around.

Inside Crochet is pretty much the only craft mag I buy now, as I rarely see anything that interests me in the knitting mags these days. I got a gift subscription to Mollie Makes, which also has some good projects, but there is ALWAYS something in Inside Crochet that I want to make. I think that is what re-kindled my interest in crochet. The projects are aimed at all levels, so as a beginner I was able to leap right in and make something really fun and quick! Wow, it really is SO much quicker than knitting. 

I've just had the first class, and it was great. We were told we can bring in any pattern we would like to make, so of course I have been trawling through my vintage patterns. Can't wait til next week.

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  1. I'm just planning to make this. Lovely to see yours.


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