Friday 7 October 2011

Joan Fontaine

This is a design I recently finished, using Drops Alpaca and  Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. The colour match is almost perfect considering the yarns are from different suppliers. I really like the ribbing, it's good to do something other than K1, P1 ribbing. These photographs were taken by my brother Michael, who has been taking pictures for just over a year now, mostly wildlife, so I had to practically beg him to take a few of me in this jumper. I'm very pleased with them though. I have very high standards now that I have been photographed by Susan Crawford for A Stitch In Time, Volume 1 & Volume 2! (Not that it's made me vain or anything.) I can't wait for A Stitch In time Volume 2 to hit the shelves. It'll be such a treat to see it complete, as I haven't seen many of the pics so far.


  1. Wow! Its beautiful and in such a delicate colour!
    I'm really looking forward to the new Stitch in time to come out I am sure its going to be fabulous! Only problem will be deciding which to start first!

    Oh and I am so glad you now have a blog I have been admiring your fabulous creations on ravelry for ages:)

  2. I too got my copy today! You look great and the jumpers are knitting 'to-do' list is growing exponentially. Currently working on the rose jumper from book 1. Love that jumper you designed, are these going to be just for you or do you plan to create saleable patterns?


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